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Name:Ἔρις | Eris
Birthdate:Jun 10
This is an RP journal for Eris from Sinbad, legend of the seven seas (played as being part of the Greek pantheon). Mun and muse over 18.
Character info in journal, for some general mythology and movie info, see links below.

Feel free to contact if you want to RP, I game with anyone ^^ When it comes to verses I'll probably treat every longer series of interactions as a little verse of its own, but here will be listed those who go more "official", so to speak xD If any of it sounds interesting you're free to contact me about joining the verse.

Bound to You: Eris has fallen in love with Gordon Freeman. Adventures happen. It is epic.

Lessons in Mischief: Eris has sort of taken the muse Urania under her wing. Feel sorry for the girl.
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